USED - Astromania 60mm Guide Scope
USED - Astromania 60mm Guide Scope


USED - Astromania 60mm Guide Scope

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This guide scope is in great condition! The optics are free of haze or scratches, and there is minimal cosmetic wear and tear. Includes original mounting rings + dovetail plate.

This small guiding scope handles all the tasks of a "classic" guiding scope - but it is lighter and much easier to use!

Previously, long and unwieldy guide scopes were used to locate a guide star. But this is no longer necessary! The sensitivity of modern astronomy cameras makes this possible. You simply attach the mini guide scope onto your telescope like a finder.

Or you can use it as a convenient, large finder scope and spend less time locating objects when visually observing.





The 60mm Multi-Use Guide Scope conveniently doubles as a 60mm finder scope with the addition of an optional 1.25"-barrel eyepiece inserted into the focuser collar.

A guide camera can be coupled to the focuser either by inserting the camera's 1.25" nosepiece into the focuser collar and securing it with the two thumbscrews.

If your camera is equipped with female T-threads, by threading the camera directly onto the male T-thread flange (M42x0.75) of the focuser.





Attaching the Guide Scope:

The 60mm Multi-Use Guide Scope’s mounting bracket has a Vixenstyle dovetail bar that can be mounted to your telescope in different ways. First, it fits the standard dovetail finder scope base included on many telescopes. Simply slide it into the dovetail base, then tighten the thumbscrew on the base to secure the guide scope in place.

Another method of attachment:

Another method of attachment is to bolt the guide scope bracket to an optional universal dovetail plate, which you mount on top of your telescope. The mounting bar has three threaded through-holes: the center hole has ¼"-20 threads. To attach the guide scope bracket to a universal dovetail plate, one way would be to insert a ¼"-20 socket head capscrew of proper length up through the dovetail plate and into the center hole of the bracket’s dovetail bar. Tighten the bolt firmly with an Allen wren-ch. Then install the universal plate onto your telescope’s tube rings or radius blocks.

Aiming the 60mm Guide Scope:

The 60mm Multi-Use Guide Scope is mounted in a dual-ring aluminum bracket that has six nylon-tipped thumbscrews to secure the guide scope in place. Although you may never need to do it in order to find a guide star, you can adjust the direction the guide scope is pointed within the bracket by alternately loosening and tightening the three thumbscrews on the front or back ring (usually you won’t need to make adjustments on both rings). Just make sure that all six thumbscrews are tightened before you begin guiding. Do not over-tighten them, however, or you could strip the screw threads!


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