USED - T2 Mount Adapter

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USED - T2 Mount Adapter

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  • ADAPTATION: Adapt a host of specialty and legacy lenses, including early and obscure lens designs, while maintaining infinity focus, as well as telescopes (with an additional 1.25" or 2" Nose Piece), slide duplicators, and microscopes to your EOS EF-Mount Camera.
  • CONSTRUCTION: In addition to its durable anodized aluminum construction, and smooth threaded and bayonet surfaces for mounting with ease, the Opteka (T2) T-Mount Adapter includes three positioning screws to confidently lock your lens in place. They also enable you to properly adjust the focus index up.
  • PRECISE MANUFACTURING: This adapter is guaranteed to provide infinity focus by placing the lens at the correct distance from the sensor. This allows you to make the most of your lenses and doesn't limit you from shooting distant subjects.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH CANON EF-MOUNT CAMERAS: Including all EF-S APC-S, and EF Full Frame and 35mm Film Cameras

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