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Imaging the Solar Eclipse

Posted by Jon Minnick on

We discuss gear, settings, and methods for how to photograph the upcoming Great American Eclipse on August 21st, 2017.

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Viewing the Solar Eclipse

Posted by Rayna Bauer and Jon Minnick on

We cover many techniques and gear so you can view and enjoy the upcoming August 21st Great American Eclipse.

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Testing the QSI 6120

Posted by Stephanie Anderson on

I've been imaging with the QSI 6120 for almost 2 years now. Matt and I purchased one to use as a demo for our Seattle store, so I get to take it out in the field with customers quite often. This has been a fantastically functioning camera, and some technical results and thoughts gathered over the 2 years of use are covered here.

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Rule of 500: How long before you see star trails in an untracked shot?

Posted by Stephanie Anderson on

The Rule of 500 was invented to help astrophotographers determine how long an exposure can be before stars appear trailed in the shot. This was especially important for film photography because if there was a problem you wouldn’t know about it until the film was developed! To use the rule, simply take 500 and divide it by the focal length of your lens and, voila, the result is the maximum number of seconds you can leave your shutter open before the stars start to appear elongated. Unfortunately, the equation is no longer a very useful one because pixels nowadays are...

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How many stops between two f/ratios?

Posted by Stephanie Anderson on

Faster is better! Ever wonder how much quicker you'll be able to able to image with a reducer? Considering a faster scope? Try our handy-dandy calculator to find out just how much time you'll be saving. Enter your two f/ratios for comparison in the fields below.

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