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Sport optics are incredibly useful while out on the water and having a good set of marine binoculars is both practical and can make your adventure more enjoyable. While there isn’t necessarily a specific “marine” binocular, there are some key elements to look for when choosing binoculars for your boat.

Due to the environment in which they will be used, a good pair of marine binoculars will usually have the following four things:

-Rubber armoring
-Low Power
-A compass

Rubber armoring: it is not unlikely the your marine binoculars will take a tumble or two in their lifetime. Your marine set of binocs should be well-armored to absorb the occasional impact from being tossed around on a boat or knocked off a shelf.

Low Power: Due to the pitching and rolling of the boat, it is often even more difficult to hand-hold binoculars steady than it is on dry land. As such, reducing the magnification provided by the binoculars will make it far easier to use them. Generally, a 7x binocular is desirable for marine use.

Waterproofing: Let’s face it, your marine binoculars will probably get wet. As such, they should be up to the challenge and be manufactured to be waterproof.

Compass: A good set of marine binoculars will contain a compass, aiding in navigation when using the binoculars at sea.

Still not sure what to look for in a binocular when out on the water? Drop by our showroom or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you find the right pair for the job.


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