Anti-Dew Heater Strip
Anti-Dew Heater Strip


Anti-Dew Heater Strip

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The anti-dew heater strip is an accessory that is user installed on the front of ASI cameras to prevent the collection of dew on the front cover of the cameras.

This  kit includes a zip-tie, the anti-dew heater strip , a Y-power cord and two spacers.

The “Y” power cord is designed to connect in-line with the cooler power supply cord, so the addition of the anti-dew heater does not add an additional cord to your imaging system. It connects very close to the back of the camera.

The thickness of the spacers is 0.3mm and 0.5mm. They are used for aligning the camera and ZWO's electronic filter whee..

We recommend supplying the anti-dew strip with 12V at 0.35A  DC power. The heating power on the strip is ~4.2 watts. You can use the same power cord to supply power to the anti-dew heater and the on-camera cooler, but make sure not to exceed recommended amount of Amps

Technical Information

  1. Tear out the protective film on adhesive tape
2. Put the anti-dew heater strip on the front facing of the camera and make sure the black cable is in the right position (lining next to the DC plug at the rear end)



3. Tie the black cable with a zip-tie on the camera body.Anti-dew-step4

4. Plug in the power cord, then everything is done.




Now you should be dew-free while shooting with the camera.

NOTICE: Be careful about welding portion, it is vulnerable can not holding very strong pull.

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