ASI183MC Pro (color)
ASI183MC Pro (color)


ASI183MC Pro (color)

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Introducing the ASI 183MC camera, featuring the Sony IMX183 chip. This back-illuminated one-shot color design provides an astonishing 84% quantum efficiency on the CMOS style chip. The total area of the chips is 1" format allowing for smaller filters to be used without vignetting. However thanks to the 2.4 micron pixel size, this chip boasts 20 mega-pixels of resolution. This camera is ideal for wide-field deep sky astrophotography without undersampling.

This Pro version features a cooler to regulate the sensor temperature down to 45°C below ambient temperature. It also provides a 256mb DDR3 memory buffer which further alleviates any amp-glow issues present on a CMOS sensor. 

With a peak QE of 84% (mono), 20.18Mega pixels, 15000e full well, 1.6e read noise, and 256MB DDR3 buffer, the ASI 183MC Pro is the most sensitive ZWO camera yet!

The 183MM Pro has a diagonal measurement of 15.86mm with an Approx. 20.48M-Effective Pixel Monochrome/Color CMOS Image Sensor



1. M43-T2 adapter

2. EOS-T2 adapter

3. 2”Filter (optional)

4. 1.25” T-Mount

5. 1.25” Filter (optional)

6. M42-1.25” adapter (optional)

7. T2 extender 11mm




Sensor: 1″ CMOS IMX183CLK-J/CQJ-J
Diagonal: 15.9mm
Resolution: 20.18Mega Pixels 5496*3672
Pixel Size: 2.4μm
Bayer Pattern: RGGB
Shutter:Rolling shutter
Exposure Range: 32µs-2000s
ROI: Supported
Read Noise: 1.6e @30db gain
QE peak: 84%
Full well: 15ke
DDRIII Buffer: 256MB
Interface: USB3.0/USB2.0
Adaptor: M42X0.75
Protect window:AR window
Dimensions: 78mm Diameter
Weight: 410g
Back Focus Distance: 6.5mm
Cooling: Regulated Two Stage TEC
Delta T: 40°C-45°C below ambient
Camera Power consumption: 650mA at 5V
Cooler Power consumption: 12V at 3A Max
Working Temperature: -5°C—45°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C—60°C
Working Relative Humidity: 20%—80%
Storage Relative Humidity: 20%—95%
Max FPS at full resolution:
10Bit ADC
5496×3672 19fps
3840×2160 41.04fps
1920×1080 80.10fps
1280×720 117.30fps
640×480 169.92fps
320×240 308.17fps
12bit ADC
5496×3672 19fps
3840×2160 36.12fps
1920×1080 70.48fps
1280×720 103.23fps
640×480 149.53fps
320×240 271.19fps

more resolutions are in software, support customize resolution.



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