0.8x Reducer for NP Scopes

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0.8x Reducer for NP Scopes

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A reducer has the optical property of decreasing the effective focal length of a telescope. This results in a wider-field and faster imaging time on nebulae and galaxies. Model NPR-2073 0.8x Reducer for NP Scopes is specifically designed to be used with the NP127is and NP101is. While it can also be used to enlarge the field of other Tele Vue Petzval type telescopes, it will not provide additional correction for those models. This reducer was designed to minimize vignetting with camera sensors up to 43mm diagonal (Full Frame) and is a replacement for the previous 0.8x reducer, the NPR-1073, which worked best up to APS-C sensors. When combined with a Tele Vue Petzval type telescope, it reduces the focal length of the telescope by 20% and makes it that much faster. This increases the telescope's field of view by 25%.

RAD-1074 2" Nos...
RAD-1074 2" Nosepiece
NPR-type Reducer...
NPR-type Reducer

For use on other Tele Vue Petzval model telescopes with 2-inch focusers, use the RAD-1074 Imaging System Nosepiece for 2" Focuser instead of the I.S. Imaging Adapter. Note that when used with 2" focusers there will be increased vignetting for full frame sensors because of the inner diameter of the 2-inch barrel.

This reducer requires the Imaging System insert to attach to the drawtube and Imaging System rings to attach to your accessories and camera. See NPR-2073 instructions for details on how to use this reducer. See Imaging System Accessories for more Imaging System options.

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