ASI462MM Mono Astronomy Camera
ASI462MM Mono Astronomy Camera
ASI462MM Mono Astronomy Camera
ASI462MM Mono Astronomy Camera

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ASI462MM Mono Astronomy Camera

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STARVIS Technology

The STARVIS Technology brings better imaging performance to the camera in low light conditions.

STARVIS Technology


DDR3 Memory

The camera is equipped with a USB 3.0 transmission interface and a built-in 256MB DDR3 memory to ensure stable and secure data transmission. Under long exposure, it effectively avoids frame dropping and greatly reduces the glow effect caused by slow reading speed.


Note that the DDR3 memory is NOT available in the first 200 early-bird cameras. It’s only available in the official version.

We do not provide DDR3 memory version replacement or upgrade for the early-bird batch.


USB 3.0 & ST4 Port

USB 3.0 Port: Provides 5Gb bandwidth to let the camera run at 136.1fps (10bit, high speed mode) or 63.9fps (12bit, normal mode) at full resolution (2Mega).

ST4 Port: Can be used to connect with auto guide port of mount for guiding.

ASI462MM_USB 3.0 & ST4 Port


ASI462MM vs ASI290MM

As the upgraded version of ASI290MM, ASI462MM has achieved great improvements regarding QE and readout noise.

ASI462MM_model comparison


Camera Performance

Low readout noise & high QE value

ASI462MM is integrated with HCG mode, which can effectively reduce readout noise at high gain and allow the camera to maintain the same high dynamic range as it does at low gain. At gain 80, the HCG mode is automatically turned on; the dynamic range reaches a level close to 12stops, and the readout noise can be as low as 0.47e.

QE value and readout noise are some of the most important specifications for astronomical cameras. High QE and low readout noise are essential to improve image SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio).

ASI462MM_QE peak value

The QE peak value of ASI462MM is around 89% (Relative response).

ASI462MM_Relative response

ASI462MM_Quantum Efficiency

ASI462MM_sensor temperature & dark current


AR Protective Window

ASI462MM features the AR(Anti-Reflective) coating on its protective glass. Diameter of the window: 21mm. Thickness: 1.1mm.

ASI462MM_AR Protective Window


Product Details

ASI462MM_front view

ASI462MM_side view


Connection Methods

ASI462MM_Connection methods


Structural Dimension Diagram



What’s in the Box?

ASI462MM_Product List


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