New T2 Tilter
New T2 Tilter
New T2 Tilter
New T2 Tilter


New T2 Tilter

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The New T2 tilter adds multiple screw holes to help connect to ZWO EFW (compatible to 2” EFW filter wheel).

This is a Tilt Adapter for use with ZWO ASI series cameras. It is T2 (M42) threaded on both sides. This accessory allows you to intentionally tilt the camera sensor on your imaging setup.

The primary use for this would be to eliminate Newton Ring artifacts when doing Hydrogen Alpha (Hα) solar imaging. The T2 thread piece is also removable.

Package and size

Main body:Diameter 78mm,11mm without the T2-T2 adapter

T2-T2 adapter:Thickness 2mm

Interface: T2 (M42*0.75 thread) each side

Product usage

  1. Mainly used to reduce newton ring when imaging ha-solar;
  2. Also used to adjust the camera imaging plane by rotating the six bolts in the main camera body when the sensor plane is uneven.

Applicable cameras

All ASI cameras except ASI071, ASI2600 and ASI6200.

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