13x80 mm Correct Image RA Finderscope Matte Black (F080M2)


13x80 mm Correct Image RA Finderscope Matte Black (F080M2)

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If you want to reach deep the Stellarvue 13X80mm finder scope is the way to go. Gathering 130 times the amount of light you naked eye does, you will have no problem seeing those dimmer star clusters and nebulae. Weighing only 2.2 pounds, this finderscope is much lighter than other competitive 80mm finderscopes. All optics within this system are fully multicoated enhancing light transmission and contrast. 

The 80 mm finder-scope comes in a neutral matte black finish that goes well with any telescope regardless of color.


Included with each finderscope is our standard  23 mm, fully multi-coated cross-hair eyepiece, 1.25" helical  focuser, rotating back (requires some finder re-alignment after rotation) and a fully multi-coated correct image erecting prism. 

Objective Weight Correct Image? Focuser Stock Eyepiece Magnification Exit Pupil Eye Relief Field of View
2.2# Yes 1.25" Helical E3023R 13X 6.1 mm 20 mm 50 Degrees


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