10" Quattro Imaging Newtonian (S11220)

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10" Quattro Imaging Newtonian (S11220)

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Quick Overview

  • 254 mm Newtonian reflector
  • 1000 mm (f/4)
  • Fully multi-coated borosilicate mirrors
  • 2” dual-speed 10:1 linear power focuser
  • 8x50 finderscope
  • Tube rings with D-style dovetail bar

    f/4 Optics

    The Quattro's super-fast f/4 optics allow for short, wide- field exposures. And with our award-winning Sky-Watcher optics you're images will be bright and contrasty

    Large, Inexpensive Aperture

    With 8-, 10- and 12-inch versions, there is a Quattro for any application or pocketbook

    Coma Corrector

    To pull every photon of performance out of your Quattro there is an optional coma corrector designed to operate with the Quattro optical system


    The Sky-Watcher line of Quattro imaging Newtonians are ultra-fast and incredibly simple to use. The f/4 optical system allows the user to capture an image over six times faster than using an f/10 system, giving you the ability to acquire more images in less time. The Newtonian optical design is one of the most basic, and therefore trouble free, systems available to astrophotographers.

    The large apertures of the Quattro line provides resolution of finer detail than smaller, fast refractors. For visual users, the large aperture provides the ability go deeper into the night sky and see fainter objects while still providing a wide field of view.

    Also available for the astroimager is the optional f/4 coma corrector. This four-element ED corrector removes the annoying comet-like flair common with parabolic mirrors.

    The Quattro line comes complete with 2-inch dual-speed linear focuser, 8x50 finderscope, mounting ring and dovetail bar.



    10" Quattro

    Optical design

    Newtonian reflector

    Focal length




    Mirror glass



    2-inch dual-speed linear track with 1.25-inch adapter


    8 x 50 straight through

    Mirror coating

    Fully multi-coated, 94% reflectivity

    Mount type

    V-style dovetail

    Tube length (inches)


    Tube weight (pounds)


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