RedCat 51mm WIFD II f/4.9 APO Ix
RedCat 51mm WIFD II f/4.9 APO Ix

William Optics

RedCat 51mm WIFD II f/4.9 APO Ix

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Explore the Stars with the William Optics Redcat 51 WIFD Telescope

Embark on an unparalleled astronomical journey with the William Optics Redcat 51 WIFD. This compact apochromatic refractor telescope merges cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features, making it an ideal choice for both budding astronomers and seasoned astrophotographers. With its sleek, robust design and innovative optical system, the Redcat 51 WIFD delivers crystal-clear, vibrant images, capturing the splendor of the cosmos with ease and precision.


  • Exceptional Optical Quality: Boasting a Petzval-like design and a fast f/4.9 focal ratio, this telescope offers sharp, detailed views across a wide field—perfect for stargazing and capturing celestial wonders. Enjoy hassle-free imaging without the struggle of backfocus.
  • Durability Meets Portability: Crafted from CNC-machined aluminum, the Redcat 51 WIFD provides durability without sacrificing portability, ensuring it’s always ready for your next adventure under the stars.
  • Advanced Focusing System: The state-of-the-art WIFD focuser allows for fine control, significantly enhancing image clarity for both visual and photographic pursuits.
  • Versatile Camera Compatibility: Designed to connect seamlessly with a variety of cameras and astrophotography accessories, the Redcat 51 WIFD is a versatile tool for capturing the universe.

Whether you're looking to delve into astrophotography or simply enjoy the night sky, the Redcat 51 WIFD is your gateway to the stars.


  • Focal Length: 4 Elements Petzval Design
  • Focal Length: 250mm
  • Diameter: 51mm
  • Aperture: f/4.9
  • Image Circle: 48mm
  • Focuser: WIFD (WO Internal Focus Design), compatible with EAF
  • Focus Travel: 0-23mm (ruler to 30mm)
  • Optional Flattener: No flattener required
  • Lens Material: FPL-53
  • Camera Format: full frame
  • T-mounts Supported: Canon EF, RF; Nikon F, Z; Sony E; Pentax K; MFT (M4/3); Fuji X
  • Tube Length: 346mm - 298mm
  • Total Weight: 2.38kg / 5.25lbs

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