Fluorite Flatfield Converter Barlow (BPFFC)
Fluorite Flatfield Converter Barlow (BPFFC)

Baader Planetarium

Fluorite Flatfield Converter Barlow (BPFFC)

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The Baader Fluorite Flatfield Converter was designed by a top German optical inventor to cover up to a 6x7 cm format at magnifications up to 8x. The 4-element fluorite design provides a diffraction-limited, apochromatic flat field over a 90 mm image circle. It produces a sharp, color-free image for any projection photography need. It can be coupled to 35 mm cameras, 6x7 cameras (adapters are available for various camera models), as well as any CCD camera using 1.25" or 2" nosepieces or threaded custom adapters. The BPFFC also can be used visually for critical high-power lunar/planetary/double star viewing.

The fluorite lenses do not add any chromatic aberrations or other optical defects to the image. The lenses are corrected from deep violet to the IR regions, and present an excellent match to the new extended-wavelength CCD cameras.

The BPFFC is fully multi-coated with a hard 7-layer design, each layer exactly matched to the material index. The result is very high transmission while suppressing stray light. Looking into the front of the lenses shows a black tube with the elements barely visible as shown in the photo. All optical surfaces are polished to the highest optical standards of 1/10 wave accuracy, in order not to disturb the incoming wavefront from your telescope's optics.


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