Filter Slider - Complete System (SFS-COMP)


Filter Slider - Complete System (SFS-COMP)

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The Starizona Filter Slider is the perfect way to use multiple filters with HyperStar. Most filter wheels are too large to use with HyperStar because they block so much of the telescope aperture. Our new Filter Slider allows for easy exchange of different filters without removing the camera from the HyperStar lens.

The Starizona Filter Slider is unique by being perfectly circular with no handles or other protrusions that could interfere with the light path. The body of the filter slider is small enough in diameter that it adds no significant obstruction to the telescope, even with an 8" HyperStar.

The Filter Slider with holder inserted

The filter holder slides easily in and out of the filter slider body, making it simple to change filters in the middle of an imaging session. Each holder uses small but powerful magnets to lock in place against matching magnets in the main body. The magnets are strong enough to prevent any slipping but allow for easy removal of the holder when it's time to change filters.

The Starizona Filter Slider is designed to be simple to use. The filter holder slides easily into the main body. Tapered edges guide the filter holder into place for easy switching of filters in the dark. Once fully inserted, the filter holder is held in place securely and precisely. Rounded notches on the outside of the filter holder make it easy to grip with your fingers to remove the holder.

The Filter Slider is only 17.5mm (0.69") thick, so it will work with most CCD camera and HyperStar lens combinations. New HyperStar adapters are available (see links below) that are shorter in length to accommodate the thickness of the Filter Slider.

The standard system is designed to hold 2" mounted filters which have a standard 48mm thread*. The body has female M48 threads on the HyperStar side and male T-threads on the camera side.

One filter holder is included with the Filter Slider. Additional drawers can be purchased separately to hold multiple filters such as an LRGB set or narrowband set.

Customer Doug Zielke from Vancouver, BC, wrote us regarding the Filter Slider: "Just a note to tell you that my Filter Slider arrived earlier this week. Typical of Starizona, this is a very well-made product, and worth every cent you ask for it. Hoping to use it often with my HyperStar to catch some narrowband photons!"


  • Holds standard 2" mounted filters (M48 thread)*
  • Diameter: 3.10" (78.8mm)
  • Thickness: 0.69" (17.5mm)
  • Telescope Side Thread: Female M48
  • Camera Side Thread: Male T-Thread (M42)
  • Weight: 5 oz. (140g)

* Other filter options including 1.25" and unmounted 31mm and 36mm sizes available with optional step rings.

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