White Light Solar Filters (SolarLite)
White Light Solar Filters (SolarLite)
White Light Solar Filters (SolarLite)
White Light Solar Filters (SolarLite)

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White Light Solar Filters (SolarLite)

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Refer to chart below for sizing and order by part # on right side of chart

Have binoculars? Be sure to order two filters - one for each side!


Type SolarLite

NEW!!! (and Best Value) After years of R & D Thousand Oaks has developed a new solar film that has the optical quality of the glass with the advantages of impregnated polymer (Thousand Oaks Optical Black Polymer). Will never develop pin holes or scratches that can let in light and ruin a filter. Other advantages: Light weight and does not require re-balancing tube assembly, will not break, consistent yellow-orange solar image, even density with any aperture, flat surface compared to other thin film filters that have wrinkles and creases. Will not tear or puncture. Stronger than any other solar film on the market. Also available in sheets.



How to Measure Outer Diameter

The application guide below lists sizes by clear aperture (filter size) and outer cell wall inside diameter (I.D.) The I.D. of the cell slips over and around the O.D. of the telescope tube or lens holder. Please note that the brands and sizes listed are only a guide. Telescope manufacturers sometimes make changes so we strongly recommend the outside diameter of the tube be measured to be sure the correct part number is chosen. Choose the closest outer cell I.D. size larger than the outside diameter measurement of your instrument. Example: part # 4250 (4 1/4") would fit O.D. measurements from 4" to 4 3/16". Do not choose a size the same as your O.D. since it will be too tight and not allow room for a felt lining. Ample felt is included for custom fitting.


SolarLite, Glass 2+ & Black Polymer filters are completely safe for unlimited visual use. If handled with care all will last a minimum of 20 years to life.


Thumb screws may seem like a good idea, however, our extensive testing found that in most cases it's actually less secure than a felt lining which covers a lot more surface area for a secure friction fit. If the tolerance is within a few thousands of an inch such as with eyepiece holders, it would be fine, but this is rarely the case. Thumb screws can also dent and scratch the tube and put strain on the filter glass. Thumb screws are simply a "one size fits many" manufacturing shortcut and provide a false security.
CAN THE TELESCOPE OPTICS GET HOT OR DAMAGED? No, all the heat and intense light is blocked before it can enter the telescope. Your telescope may get warm from sunlight shining on it, not from the small amount of visible light transmitted through the filter.


Sunspots and surface granulation are the two main features. The only detail that cannot be seen with a standard filter (commonly called white light filter) are prominence and flares which require our highly specialized H-Alpha filter system.




40mm\1.50″ 50mm\2.00″ S-2000
45mm\1.75″ 60mm\2.32″ S-2325
50mm\2.00″ 70mm\2.75″ S-2750
60mm\2.37″ 76mm\3.00″ S-3000
60mm\2.37″ 82mm\3.25 S-3250
80mm\3.15″ 90mm\3.50″ S-3500
80mm\3.15″ 95mm\3.75″ S-3750
80mm\3.15″ 101mm\4.00″ S-4000
90mm\3.50″ 108mm\4.25″ S-4250
101mm\4.00″ 114mm\4.50″ S-4500
101mm\4.00″ 120mm\4.75″ S-4750
101mm\4.00″ 127mm\5.00″ S-5000
101mm\4.00″ 133mm\5.25″ S-5250
114mm\4.50″ 139mm\5.50″ S-5500
127mm\5.00″ 146mm\5.75″ S-5750
127mm\5.00″ 152mm\6.00″ S-6000
127mm\5.00″ 158mm\6.25″ S-6250
127mm\5.00″ 165mm\6.50″ S-6500
152mm\6.00″ 181mm\7.12″ S-7125
152mm\6.00″ 190mm\7.50″ S-7500
152mm\6.00″ 203mm\8.00″ S-8000
177mm\7.00″ 212mm\8.37″ S-8375
177mm\7.00″ 222mm\8.75″ S-8750
203mm\8.00″ 236mm\9.312″ S-9187
203mm\8.00″ 241mm\9.50″ S-9500
203mm\8.00″ 247mm\9.75″ S-9750
203mm\8.00″ 254mm\10.00″ S-10000
203mm\8.00″ 266mm\10.50″ S-10500
228mm\9.00″ 273mm\10.75″ S-10750
254mm\10.00″ 292mm\11.50″ S-11500
254mm\10.00″ 305mm\12.00″ S-12000
254mm\10.00″ 311mm\12.25″ S-12225
279mm\11.00″ 317mm\12.50″ S-12500
254mm\10.00″ 330mm\13.00″ S-13000
304mm\12.00″ 349mm\13.75″ S-13750
317mm\12.50″ 387mm\15.25″ S-15250
355mm\14.00″ 406mm\16.00″ S-16000
355mm\14.00″ 432mm\17.00″ S-17000
355mm\14.00″ 447mm\17.625″ S-17625



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