Universe 2 Go Star Viewer
Universe 2 Go Star Viewer
Universe 2 Go Star Viewer
Universe 2 Go Star Viewer
Universe 2 Go Star Viewer

Universe 2 Go

Universe 2 Go Star Viewer

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Have you ever stood under the night’s sky and asked yourself: “What are all those stars up there?” Is there anybody who can tell you? The answer is within reach: Universe2go.

In combination with the accompanying Smartphone App this newly developed star viewer shows the stars with a wealth of information and fantastic images. Main feature: Digital information is merged with the image of the real night sky. You are, therefore, not looking at the display, but at a live image of the real starry sky!

Universe2go is the world’s first smartphone-based AR viewer, demonstrating what is already possible now in the virtual reality and augmented reality world.

By purchasing Universe2go you also acquire the license for using the accompanying app. The activation code is located inside the packaging and you can download the app from the App-Store at any time. Check before purchase whether your smartphone is compatible.


The package includes:

  • Universe2go star viewer
  • App activation code
  • Carrying strap
  • Storage pouch
  • Brief instructions

The software package includes:

  • Complete Hipparcos catalogue (approx. 120,000 stars)
  • Messier objects and complete NGC catalogue
  • Specially edited images: Planets, 150 Deep-Sky objects, comets and satellites
  • Audio guide: All 88 constellations, descriptions and mythology, planets, 120 Deep-Sky objects, satellites and 30 of the brightest stars – more than 3 hours in total!

A vast range of Smartphones fit the passe-partout of Universe2go, including:

  • Apple iPhone 5, 6 and 7
  • Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6 and S7

The App is supported by the following operating systems:

  • Android version 4.2 or higher
  • Apple iOS operating system 8.0 or higher

Your smartphone must have the following sensors: GPS, compass, gyro, acceleration. Using the free “phone tester” app from the app and playstore, you can test whether your smartphone has the necessary sensors. To do this, simply select the “sensor status” button to show all of your phone’s sensors.

However, your Smartphone should not exceed the maximum dimensions of 147x74x11mm. If you are not sure of whether the size of your Smartphone is appropriate, simply measure the length, width and thickness of your phone.

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