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AstroSystems offers the TeleKit in a variety of sizes: 10, 12.5, 13.1, 14.5, 16, 17.5, 18, 20 and 22" inch truss tube telescope kits. What we are really offering is an opportunity for you to experience the pride and satisfaction of building your own, top-quality telescope. It's easy for an individual to spend more attention to detail and more time on fine finishing than commercial suppliers. You can also customize the design and feel confident adding any options desired. A 30-50% savings will be realized over purchasing a premium finished truss tube telescope. We supply all the hard to find or fabricate components, including a light shroud for the trusses and 10" transport wheels and handles. We also supply all the precision cut wood components which are routed with CNC technology. Only the highest quality stainless steel hardware is included.

These kits include everything but the OPTICS ...(AstroSystems can supply the optics or direct you to several opticians to obtain your primary mirror).

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A complete list of supplied components and materials is in the frequently asked questions.

Why the TeleKit is the most advanced truss telescope on the market.

1.  QuickSwitch Filter Slide:  The four position slide makes it a snap to change filters with a twist of the control knob.  No more removal of the eyepiece and thread mis-match.  One of the most powerful observing aids is now at your fingertips. It is that quick, easy, and SAFE!  *NEW* The filter slide has been modified to be compatible with 2" Bino-viewers and laser collimators to protrude through the slide for proper function.  Thousand Oaks and TeleVue nebulae filters are available through AstroSystems.

2.  Focuser:  The Moonlite CR-2 focuser is standard on the TeleKit.  It features precision roller bearings, Crayford no backlash friction drive and has smooth focusing at high power with 8:1 fine focus.  The Feathertouch focuser with two speed 1:1 and 1:10 reduction and compression rings in both the drawtube and adapter is a $390 option.

3.  Upper Truss Fastener Easy cam action.

4.  Lower Clamp Fasteners:  They are positioned inside the mirror box for an uncluttered look and are strong and precise.

5.  Finger Jointed:  Both the rocker box and mirror box are constructed with finger jointed Baltic Birch plywood, durable and solid.

6.  Altitude Bearings:  Ultra smooth large radius bearings that move on one PTFE and one ball bearing per side.  Drive and DSC compatible.   Fingertip motion and complete control of resistance.

7.  Mirror Cell:   The easy access tailgate assembly allows quick access to the primary mirror.   Just remove the two bolts to drop down the mirror cell to clean or remove the mirror.  This makes installing and removing the mirror much safer, especially for large optics.  The mirror transport system protects the primary mirror and flotation assembly by supporting the primary mirror on cushioned pads.  The stainless steel sling insures accurate collimation by maintaining the primary mirror position.  With hundreds of TeleKits in the field, this support method has proved to be the optimum method of primary mirror support to achieve the best planetary resolution and deep-sky images.

8.  Azimuth Bearing:  Three sealed ball bearing sets riding on stainless steel axles.  Low maintenance and zero backlash.  The adjustable brake is standard.

9.  Truss Tubes:  TeleKits are supplied with 6061-T6 seamless aluminum trusses.  They are protected with a black, heat shrink protective coating.  The light shroud, a $100.00 option with most truss telescopes sold, is a TeleKit standard feature.

10.  Upper Cage:  The upper cage is light, strong and can be stored fully or partially (12.5", 13.1", 14.5", 15") in the mirror box.  This feature provides safer and more compact transportation.

11.  AstroSystems Spider and Secondary Mirror Holder:  This time tested assembly is rock-solid and has four collimation screws (thumb screws for 3.1" and up) for fast, easy and precise collimation every time.  Compatible with AstroSystems Dew Guard.

12.  Stainless steel hardware:  Stainless steel is used throughout with the exception of some internal fasteners, providing strength and corrosion protection.


Photos taken wit 24" TeleKit.  The scanned astrophotos do little justice to the phenomenal detail.

M-20 Trifid Nebula M-8 Lagoon Nebula M-16 Eagle Nebula

Regular delivery times can vary from 2 weeks to 3 months depending on the size of the telescope and stock on hand.  Each TeleKit has a customer file that is started when the order is placed.  This will take about five minutes.



  Dimensions needed to place order:

1.  Mirror thickness and actual diameter. 
2.  Mirror focal length. 
3.  Secondary size.

A 10% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place in the production schedule.

 TeleKit Sizes and Dimensions

TK Size A (in.) B (in.) C (in.)

Weight  (lbs.)

10" 16.3 x 71.2 24 28 65
12.5" 18.8 x 19.3 23 28 78
13.1" 19.4 x 20.4 24 29 78
14.5" 20.8 x 21.8 24 29 88
15" 21.3 x 22.3 23.5 30.5 95
16" 22.6 x 23.6 23 30 105
17.5/18" 24.6 x 25.5 21.5 29.5 132
20" 28.2 x 29.6 24 31 180
22" 30.2 x 31.6 24.5 34 220
24" 32.2 x 34.0 27 35 280


A:  Length and width.
B:  Distance from the ground to the top of the mirror box.
C:  Distance from the ground to the tip of the altitude bearing. 

Height is for f/5, this will be shorter for f/4 and taller for f/6
Weight is assuming a 1.6" thick primary mirror for 18" and smaller and 2" thick on 20" and larger.


UPS Shipping and packaging in Continental U.S.

TK 10



TK 16


TK 12.5



TK 17.5/18


TK 13.1



TK 20


TK 14.5



TK 22


TK 15




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