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Epsilon-180ED Astrograph

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The Epsilon series of astrographs are specifically designed for exceptional astrophotography.  Takahashi’s proprietary optical design features a hyperbolic, concave primary mirror with a 2 element ED corrector lens to eliminate spherical aberration and coma.  Compared to the conventional Schmidt camera design, the chromatic aberration is reduced by half, even out to large viewing angles.

The ε-180 was introduced by Takahashi as the first of the new Epsilon flat–field hyperbolic astrographs since the 1980’s. The ε-180 was designed to be a very fast f/2.8 imaging system.

This fast field photo visual astrograph is perfect for digital SLR's and CCD cameras.  The f/2.8 speed will enable the imager to record faint nebulosity not visible in slower instruments.  In addition, the appreciably shorter exposure times reduce tracking error and will produce pin point stars. The ε-180 will produce 10 micron stars across the entire 44 mm diameter flat 5 degree field.

The focuser has been improved to allow more precise focusing. Each has a metal insert with a special non-cold flow material to allow for correct focus.




Part Number



180 mm

Focal Length

500 mm

Focal Ratio


Image Circle Diameter

44 mm

Optical Type

Modified Hyperbolic Newtonian

Tube Diameter

232 mm

Tube Length (With Lens hood retracted)

m 570 mm

Tube Weight

10.7 kg

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Metal Back Distance

56.2 mm


Epsilon 180ED System Chart 

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