APO250VT F/8.8
APO250VT F/8.8
APO250VT F/8.8
APO250VT F/8.8
APO250VT F/8.8

Telescope Engineering Company

APO250VT F/8.8

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The TEC APO250VT F/8.8 is the largest refractor that TEC offers.  Considered an observatory class instrument, a permanent mounting solution is recommended for this telescope.  The views through this instrument are unmatched.  If you are looking for the very best in apochromatic refractors, look no further than Telescope Engineering Company.

Telescope Engineering Company (TEC) began in 1994 as a distributor/subcontractor of optics and optical materials. Initially, their primary products were zero-expansion Sitall blanks from LZOS, large mirrors and optical systems from LOMO, and optics for Maksutov telescopes made in Kiev, Ukraine.

In the late 90's, TEC decided to start its own production line of optics and telescopes. TEC began by producing a line of Maksutov telescopes ranging from 6" to 10" diameter and continued to work on special optics for professional observatories. At the turn of the century, TEC began working on a new product: apochromatic refractors. In 2002 they started regular production of smaller refractors, beginning with the APO140 F7 ED. Later on, TEC added larger models including the APO160, APO180 and APO200. Apochromatic refractors make up the majority of TEC's ongoing present and near future production.

The TEC APO250VT is a world-class instrument.  TEC telescopes are known for their precision machining and impeccable optics, and the APO250VT is no different.  If you have a dark-sky observatory, this telescope is what you want to have under the dome.

Please note:  If this item shows "out of stock," please give us a call to reserve your order.  TEC produces telescopes in limited production runs, so we recommend getting your name on the list as soon as possible.  TEC requires only a small deposit to hold your spot, which is refundable.


Clear aperture

250 mm

Focal length

2200 mm

Focal ratio


Resolution (theoretical)

0.5 arc sec

Tube diameter

254 mm

Tube length (dew shield retracted)

2000 mm

Tube weight

110 lb / 50 kg

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