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Introducing ALL NEW GT153 full frame imaging APO!

You will be blown away by the small details you can observe through this APO 153mm; fine details of DSOs, stunning resolution both visually or during astrophotography.

Until yesterday this was only a dream at this price!

Stunning Optics

• Features a top-quality triplet air-spaced objective.

• This scope is extremely sharp and has a great color correction which is ideal for astrophotography.

• Precision optics with STM coatings.

• Designed by a leading designer with FPL-53 glass.


3.5” Feather Touch R&P focuser

• Large 3.5” Feather Touch Focuser:  a treat to use during astrophotography. No image shifting!

• 360 deg. rotatable.

• Extra-heavy duty.

• Large aluminum knobs.

Ideal for Astrophotos

• Have you always dreamed of taking those beautiful pictures of the heavens? Now is the time!! Few other refractors in this size have two DEDICATED Field Flattener and a reducer/flattener available.

• Graduated scale for precise camera alignment.

Do-all Telescope

• The 153mm objective is a great size for both wide-field and planetary observations.

• The apochromatic performance makes it ideal for imaging.

• This size will require a suitable mount in order to do astro imaging.

Simply Beautiful Finish

• No plastic part used: CNC machined out of solid high-grade aluminum.

• Pure William Optics quality fit and finish: powder-painted white CNC-machined aluminum tube, retractable dewshield, anodized 360 degree rotatable FT focuser, engraved dew-shield Bahtinov cap (patented).

Attention to Details

• Highly precise CNC machined lens cell.

• Solid CNC-machined mounting rings with carry Handel /guiding rings included in the price.

• Triple testing each lens by Zygo test to ensure the best optical quality (we provide test report at additional $150).

Total Quality Package

• Mounting rings,guiding rings,large Losmandy type dovetail,CNC handle ,Bahtinov cap and 3”Rotolock adapter are included.


Total OTA weight including mounting rings just 13.5kg (29.5lb).

New Triplet APO X0.72 Full frame Field flattener reducer also Available

From F7.8 cut down to F5.6 only.


Case is not included 

Optional accessories are:

Large 3.5” rotator

Flat68lll x1 flattener

Flat8  x0.72 flattener

STC 48mm duo-narrow band filter


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