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Product Review: Takahashi Epsilon-130D

Posted by Matt Dahl on

The quest for fast astrographs seems never-ending in astrophotography. Finding a fast astrograph with well-corrected optics and a large imaging circle that doesn’t break the bank is becoming increasingly difficult. Enter the Takahashi Epsilon. Well-priced, well-built, and blazingly fast, this little scope is an astrophotographer’s dream.

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Product Review - The QHY 183C

Posted by Jon Minnick on

A review of the QHY 183C dedicated astrophotography camera.

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Product Review: The QHY PoleMaster

Posted by Matt Dahl on

I love astrophotography. It is one of my favorite parts of this hobby. Despite the long hours of imaging and processing time, I find it cathartic and relaxing. There is an element, however, of astrophotography that I absolutely don’t like…polar aligning.

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