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My Summer Learning AP with Cloud Break Optics

Posted by Caden Gobat on




This past Summer, Caden Gobat interned with Cloud Break Optics. Take a look at his experience while here, as he learned Astrophotography from the ground up.

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Configuring and Connecting the QHY600

Posted by Matt Dahl on

With the release of the new QHY600, there have been a couple of interesting connectivity and setup things we’ve come across we wanted to share here for customer reference.  We offer step-by-step set up instructions for the 64-bit capture software, N.I.N.A..

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Why use a cooled camera?

Posted by Jon Minnick on

In this blog entry, we cover just why a regulated cooled camera is so beneficial for deep sky astrophotography.

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Product Review: Takahashi Epsilon-130D

Posted by Matt Dahl on

The quest for fast astrographs seems never-ending in astrophotography. Finding a fast astrograph with well-corrected optics and a large imaging circle that doesn’t break the bank is becoming increasingly difficult. Enter the Takahashi Epsilon. Well-priced, well-built, and blazingly fast, this little scope is an astrophotographer’s dream.

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Calculating Back Focus/Metal Back Distance

Posted by Jon Minnick and Rayna Bauer on

In this entry we discuss precisely what "Back Focus" or "Metal Back Distance" is within astrophotography. We have also created a useful calculator tool to be able to determine your back distance needs for your own system!

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