Red Dot Finder - No Base (F001)


Red Dot Finder - No Base (F001)

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If you're looking for an inexpensive way to join the red dot reflex sight revolution, then look no further. The Stellarvue F1 Red Dot Reflex Finder Sight is your answer... Featuring a large 1.25" clear glass viewing frame, this finderscope offers a non-magnified window to the stars where a superimposed red dot aligns your optics to the target. The brightness level of the red dot is easily adjustable with a knob in front. Attachment is also easy with finger attachment knobs that means no tools are needed in the field.  Merely set your telescope on a stationary object, use the finger adjustment screws to set the dot on target, and you're ready! When the night (or day) is done, simply slide the Stellarvue F1 - Red Dot Reflex Finder Sight off and with proper handling you're alignment will be correct the very next time you use it. 

For GoTo telescope owners, a Stellarvue F1 - Red Dot Reflex Finder Sight makes setting on alignment stars a breeze. For the beginner telescope, a Stellarvue Red Dot Finder will help get you in the general area a lot faster! You can even use the Stellarvue Red dot finder on a spotting scope, astronomy binoculars, or in conjunction with a magnifying finderscope. The standard CR2032 battery (purchased separately) provides hours upon hours of fun and easy targeting! 

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