HyperStar 11/11HD V4


HyperStar 11/11HD V4

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The evolution of intelligent design has continued with version 4 of the HyperStar C11. Version 4 is faster at f/1.9, has a larger imaging circle of 35mm, and produces significantly improved 25% smaller spot sizes. The design of the housing has also been modified to improve the ease and accuracy of collimation.



The HyperStar C11 lens converts a standard Celestron 11" SCT from f/10 to f/1.9, making the system 25 times faster. That means 25-times shorter exposures! Now you can capture deep-sky images without guiding and without an equatorial wedge (in alt-az configuration). The HyperStar lens shortens the focal length of the telescope, giving a much wider field of view, and giving a greater tolerance of tracking errors, allowing for unguided, alt-az imaging.

The HyperStar 11 is compatible with a variety of cameras, including CCD, CMOS and DSLRs. The HyperStar 11 covers up to a 35mm sensor size. Separate adapters are required for different cameras. One adapter is included with the HyperStar lens.


Optical performance is excellent, with a coma-free, flat field of view 3.7 degrees wide.




Do I need the Filter Slider to use Filters with the HyperStar?

No, the standard camera adapter that comes with the HyperStar allows the use of one 2” mounted filter. This is ideal for light pollution or IR/Cut filters when using a one-shot color camera. Although, the Filter Slider is ideal for quick filter changes when using a monochrome camera.

Are HyperStars hard to focus?

HyperStars are no more difficult to focus than any other optical system. HyperStars can be accurately focused with Bahtinov Masks, AutoFocusers (ie MicroTouch Autofocuser), and any software that displays a Full-Width Half-Max star value. Although, the fast F/Ratio does make the camera’s backfocus much more critical. This is why the HyperStar camera adapters need to be precisely within +- .5mm of the camera’s backfocus.

Why do I need to specify my mount type?

We ask for the mount type to determine if you’ll need a counterweight shipped with your HyperStar or not. GEM mounts can accommodate the balance of the HyperStar by shifting the scope forward or backward on the mount, whereas Fork Mounted telescopes can’t move on the mount and require a counterweight.

What telescopes are compatible?

Factory-equipped Fastar-compatible C11 SCT telescopes have a removable secondary mirror assembly, allowing the use of the HyperStar C11 lens. If your scope is an older model and does not have a factory-equipped Faster-compatible secondary mirror you can order a C11 conversion kit (HSCK-C11) to make it HyperStar compatible.

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