SCT Corrector - Camera Adapter - SBIG Cameras


SCT Corrector - Camera Adapter - SBIG Cameras

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The new Starizona SCT Corrector requires the proper camera adapter to achieve the correct lens-to-CCD distance. This ensures the best optical performance.


  • Adapter for SBIG Cameras
  • Camera Mount: T-Thread
  • SCT Corrector Thread: 1.800 x 32 TPI

Length (excluding T-threads)

  • SBIG ST-Series without CFW: 2.548"
  • SBIG ST-Series with CFW9: 1.810"
  • SBIG ST-Series with CFW10: 2.236"
  • SBIG ST-8300 without CFW: 2.866"
  • SBIG ST-8300 with CFW: 2.059"
  • SBIG ST-8300 with CFW and OAG: 1.311"


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