QE-0.73X Reducer for FSQ-85ED/106ED Telescopes (TKA36580)


QE-0.73X Reducer for FSQ-85ED/106ED Telescopes (TKA36580)

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The Takahashi 0.73X reducer QE reduces the focal length of the FSQ-106ED (not EDX4) and FSQ-85ED telescopes by 0.73X, increasing the speed of the optical system for astrophotography. The reducer produces a 44 mm diameter image circle that is ideal for larger imaging chips.


Telescope with Adapter

FSQ-85ED with QE0.73X RD FSQ-106ED with QE0.73X RD

Adapter Part Number

TKA36580 TKA36580


85mm 106mm


1.36" 1.09"

Limiting Magnitude

11.4 11.9

Light Gathering Power

147X 229x

Focal Length

327mm 386mm

Focal Ratio

f/3.8 f/3.6

Image Circle Diameter

44mm 44mm

Optical Type

Double ED Quadruplet Flourite ED Quadruplet

Tube Diameter

95mm 125mm

Tube Length (With Lens hood retracted)

615mm (525mm) 675(580mm)

Tube Weight

3.6kg 7kg

Recommended Finder

6x30 7x50

Metal Back Distance of Reducer

72.2mm 72.2mm

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