1.25" Color Balanced Chromatic Aberration Filter (XCLR1)


1.25" Color Balanced Chromatic Aberration Filter (XCLR1)

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If you have an achromat or ED telescope that emits some false color when viewing the brightest planets, this filter can help you. Unlike other chromatic aberration filters that eliminate the purple but turn the image brown, this one is color matched. Objects will appear their natural color but the color error in these less expensive telescopes will be reduced. This filter was originally designed for our SV110ED since it already has excellent color correction. This filter does reduce the purple fringe seen around the brightest stars and planets. 

This filter is not intended for use with our apo triplets as it is not needed. It is only intended for use when you want to eliminate some of the false color seen in achromats and larger ED's. 

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