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10x60 Straight Through Finder Scope Matte Black (F060M3)

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This is a straight through version of the F60M2. Now you can use a finderscope in conjunction with auto guiders or mount a Nagler 22 to the telescope for stunning wide field views. This finder provides a straight through inverted image only. It will not work with a diagonal. The 2" helical focuser has a 1.25" adapter and our E3023R crosshair eyepiece that works with optional illuminators. For a true porthole view of the sky, use our 2" 26mm 68 degree crosshair reticle eyepiece. 

Note: This is the finderscope only. 


This telescope may be used with our E7026R 2" 26mm wide field reticle eyepiece. This will provide a "porthole view" and will work with a EI2 illuminator purchased separately. Here is the performance specifications when used with an E7026R:

Magnification Exit Pupil Eye Relief Field of View
8.65X 6.9 mm 15 mm 70 Degrees

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