16" Versatile Dovetail Plate for D-Style Saddle Plate (SBD16)
16" Versatile Dovetail Plate for D-Style Saddle Plate (SBD16)


16" Versatile Dovetail Plate for D-Style Saddle Plate (SBD16)

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This 16" Versatile Dovetail Plate  is exceptionally strong, providing a rigid structure to your heaviest payloads. It can be used with our DOVEDV10 and the DOVELM162 saddle plates (earlier versions of the DOVELM16x require the minor modification outlined below). It can also be used with many other Losmandy D-style Saddle Plates.

Consider the SBD16 for the following configurations:

  • Astro-Physics mounting rings with 2.362" (60 mm) or 4.5" hole spacing. Note: The 3.2" hole spacing of Astro-Physics rings requires using the SBDAPB AP Riser Blocks with this plate.
  • TeleVue, AstroTech, Stellarvue, TMB, ASA rings (confirm your ring spacing with diagram)
  • Parallax rings with 37 mm hole spacing
  • Losmandy Adapter Blocks or AP Riser Blocks (SBDAPB) using 3.5" hole spacing
  • Takahashi clamshells and ring sets
  • Optional blocks (SBDTB) are available for the largest Takahashi scopes: Mewlon, BRC, FRC
  • Optional blocks (SBDAPB) are available if you wish to raise your AP rings in order to incorporate "floating" rings for a guidescope


Dimensions: 16" x 5" x 1" (40.6 cm x 12.7 cm x 2.5 cm) with 3" (7.6 cm) dovetail
Weight: 4.2 lb. (1.9 kg) The plate is ribbed on one side to reduce weight.

Please click here to review the detailed diagram and confirm that your rings are appropriate to use this plate.

16" Universal Sliding Bar
Fasteners listed on Mounting Plate Fastener Chart

Important:  Due to the 5" width of the SBD16 Versatile Dovetail Plate, its use with the pre-March 2007 design of the 16" Dovetail Saddle Plate (DOVELM16x) will require a minor modification of the locking clamp assemblies to ensure that the plate seats and locks properly. See linked PDF file.


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