2.5" Dual Speed Focuser (FSVF25)


2.5" Dual Speed Focuser (FSVF25)

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SVF25 2.5” Dual Speed, Fully Rotating, Rack and Pinion Focuser

Featuring 80 mm of travel, this focuser is an ultra-precise dual speed unit that is threaded for our field flatteners that have the -25 designation (SFF7-25, SFFR80-25, etc). For visual use, our precision compression ring 2” and 1.25” adapters are included. Attaches to our telescopes that use the standard M 88.5 X 1 thread. Examples of telescopes that may be used with this focuser include the Nighthawk Next Generation, SV90T (not SVR90T), SV90TBV, SV102ED, and some SV105’s. Not all telescopes will operate with this focuser so inquire before you purchase.

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