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2.7" Adapter for 4" Focusers

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2.7" Adapter for 4" Focuser (A1024)

This adapter is provided with the complete Giant 4"; Focusers described above - 4FOC3E-FT and 4FOC3E. The tapered end slips into the 4.3"; drawtube and the brass locking ring of the drawtube holds it securely in place. When you loosen the thumbscrews of the drawtube slightly, this part can rotate allowing you to position your film, CCD or video camera to frame your objects.

The threads of the opposite side are the same as our 2.7"; drawtube (24 threads per inch), which allows you to use our 0.75x Telecompressor (27TVPH) alone for film or with Astro-Physics' various threaded extensions (A3503, A3504-A, A3502-A) for CCD imaging. The 2.7" to 6x7 Outer Bayonet Adapter (ADA2767) can be attached here, and the 2" Adapter (ADA2003) threads in here, as well.

The length that extends from the 4.3"; drawtube connection is 1"; the overall length of this part is 1.6";. It is machined from aluminum and black-anodized. If you have this adapter, but find you need just a little more in-focus travel, consider either the shorter version of this part (A1024-A) or our Thin 2" Adapter (ADA20132).

This adapter has a net spacing distance of 1.0" (25.4 mm).

Short 2.7" Adapter for 4" Focuser (A1024-A)

If you need just a little more in-travel to reach focus, consider this shorter version of A1024, described above. It is constructed in the same manner with the tapered portion on one end and threads to accept 2.7" accessories on the other, however it is shorter. The length that extends from the 4.3" drawtube is 3/8" long, so you will gain 5/8" more in-travel with this adapter compared with the one above.

This adapter has a net spacing distance of 0.35" (8.9 mm).

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