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2.7" to 6x7 Outer Bayonet Adapter (ADA2767)

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This adapter greatly increases the versatility and functionality of your imaging system. It was designed to couple larger format CCD cameras like the SBIG STL series and full frame DSLR’s (like those by Canon) to focusers and accessories that have the female Astro-Physics 2.7" thread. These include all Astro-Physics focusers, any other focuser that has an adapter with our 2.7" female thread, large Meade SCTs with our ADASCTLM27 adapter or the Photo-Visual Telecompressor (27TVPH). These are the advantages:

  • Allows the use of the Astro-Physics adapters that were designed for the Pentax 6x7 bayonet system (used with Astro-Physics Field Flatteners) to be used without an Astro-Physics Field Flattener.
  • Allows the Photo-Visual Telecompressor (27TVPH) to be used with a wide variety of cameras - film, digital and CCD imaging.
  • Maintains the full 2.7" unobstructed light path and does not vignette. This is particularly useful when combined with the Telecompressor (27TVPH) for connection to cameras.
  • Allows for easy framing of your image with hard-coupled configurations to the SBIG STL cameras, or to ST series cameras employing the AO-8 or AO-L adaptive optics units.
  • This adapter has a net spacing distance of 0.20" (5.08 mm)

The ADA2767 is black anodized, and the inner 2.7" clear opening has knife edge baffles that are painted flat black. The adapter is approximately 0.85" in overall length, but adds just 0.20" to the light path.

Diagram and General Instructions for Use of the 2.7" to 6x7 Outer Bayonet Adapter (ADA2767):
There are a full range of accessories and adapters that interface with the ADA2767. These are shown and described on this exploded diagram: 2.7" to 6x7 Outer Bayonet Adapter in PDF format. We suggest that you review this diagram carefully when determining how to best utilize this adapter for your particular imaging needs. 

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