31mm LRGB Filters
31mm LRGB Filters


31mm LRGB Filters

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The ZWO LRGB 31mm imaging filter set has better transmission, better coating, and better color separation.

The band passes of the filters will combine to have weights approximately 1:1:1. The red filter cuts infra-red wavelengths, and there is a small gap between the green and red bands to minimize the effects of common sources of light pollution.

Narrow 2mm thickness filters allow minimal if any refocusing after switching filters.

    Technical Parameters:

    Name: ZWO LRGB  31mm filter (4 filters)

    Size: 31mm

    Thickness: 2mm

    How to judge which direction to install the filters in your wheel?

    1. Lay the filter down flat;
    2. Hold a pen over the top (not touching);
    3. if you can see two shadows, that side should face the telescope
    4. If you can see one shadow, that side should face the sensor.towardsSensor

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