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QHY695A - 
6mega pixel 1-inch high QE astronomy CCD camera
The QHY695A uses the ultra-high sensitivity SONY ExView II CCD sensor ICX695. This sensor has a QE close to 80%. The readout noise is as low as 4 electrons. With the two stage TEC, cooling to -45C° below ambient and the extremely low thermal noise of the CCD sensor, this camera produces a very clean image. This camera has a built-in 7-position 36mm unmounted filter disk, providing plenty of capacity for LRGB, Ha, OIII, and SII filters in it at one time. Compared with the five or six position filter disks, this camera will make LRGB and narrowband imaging much easier. Although the sensor has an electric shutter, this camera still has a mechanical shutter installed, allowing the user to perform automatic dark frame capture.
1-inch CCD    -   ICX695
The Sony ExView II sensor is well-known for its low readout noise, low thermal noise and high QE. The pixel size is 4.54um and totals 6 megapixels.
"A" Series Camera - Fully Integrated
The QHY695A belongs to QHYCCD's new "A" series camera family. "A" stands for "ALL-IN-ONE". It includes a built-in motor driven filter wheel and it natively supports the QHYOAG. The OAG can be installed on the camera solidly with six screws at minimum back focus, precious for some optical systems.
The filter wheel in the QHY695A is a 7-position wheel designed for unmounted filters. The camera is compatible with the medium size QHYOAG. 
Besides the filter wheel and OAG, this "A" series camera has more to offer. An internal USBHUB(2.0) provides two USB host ports and a USB to dual RS232 converter. Your guiding camera, mount, and electric focuser can be connected directly to this camera instead of to the computer to reduce cable clutter and chance of signal loss due to the long cables. Only one USB cable is needed from the camera to the computer.
Butterfly Shutter - unlimited life and uniform illumination 
This camera uses a butterfly mechanical shutter. This shutter is driven by motors directly and it is only one piece, resulting in no friction with other components. The working life is almost unlimited. This shutter has two sides to cover the light. This shutter allows for uniform illumination of the chip.
Single 12V power socket 
This camera uses a single 12V cable to power. The power socket has a thread and can  connect with the DC plugs with thread lock to ensure a solid connection. There is another socket which is connected with the input in parallel. It can supply 12V to other devices nearby.


QHY695A/IC695A Specification
CCD Sensor
ICX695 Mono
Effective Pixels
2758(H)*2208(V),6mega pixels
Pixel Size
Effective Area
14.6mm(H)*12.8mm(V), Typical 1 inch
Readout Type
Full Frame CCD, Progressive Scan
Readout Noise
Typical 5e-
System Gain
appox 0.3e/ADU
Exposure Time
2 stage
Typical -40C below Ambient
Butterfly Mechanical Shutter for Dark Frame Capture
Moisture Control
Air Connector for removable silicon gel tube
Heat board for optic window of airproof CCD chamber
Built-in Filter Wheel
7 position unmounted 36mm  or  8 position 1.25inch
OAG interface
six M3 scew holes for QHYOAG-S
Telescope Interface
M42/0.75 inner screw
Power consumption
0% cooling 8W     50% cooling 16.5W    100% cooling 27W
QHY695A Electric Interface
USB Slave Port x1    USB host port x2    RS232 lemo 3pin port x2   2.1mm 12V DC port x2
IC695A Electric Interafce and CPU subsystem
USB Slave Port x1  USB host port x2  RS232 lemo 3pin port x2  2.1mm 12V DC port x2
mini HDMI port x1   SD card slot x1  WIFI x1   RJ45 100M ethernet x1
CPU processor
ARM processor . TBD
Price(not include tax)
QHY695A with OAG  
IC695A with OAG

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