80mm Refractor (8710)


80mm Refractor (8710)

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The iOptron® 80mm refractor (R80) is a fantastic astronomy telescope that is portable enough to take anywhere. With fully multi-coated optics, the R80 reveals brighter and sharper images. The 80mm objective lens and short 400mm (f/5.0) focal length are perfect for taking in wide swaths of the heavens, making it ideal for larger deep-sky objects. You'll see spectacular star clusters, wispy nebulas, and expansive galaxies with this telescope, but it also excels at viewing objects in our solar system. Enjoy experiencing the phases of the Moon and tracking the motions of the planets with crisp views of Saturn's rings and Jupiter's moons, as well as the birds and other land objects.

If you are looking for a lightweight, fast guidescope, iOptron R80 is a great candidate. It can be easily attached to a larger primary telescope tube assembly with the proper rings and dovetail, and will accept your digital SLR, small CCD camera, or a stand-alone autoguider.


  • 80mm, f/5 achromatic refractor telescope
  • 10mm, 25mm eyepieces
  • 45 degree erect prism diagonal
  • Vixen-type dovetail bar
  • One year limited warranty


Optical Design Achromatic Refractor
Clear Aperture 80 mm
Focal Length 400 mm
Focal Ratio f/5
Resolving Power 1.4 arc sec
Focuser 1.25” rack-and-pinion
Eyepiece adapter 1.25 inch
Eyepiece 1 25mm
Eyepiece 2 10mm
Diagonal 45º erect
Weight 2.2 lbs
Warranty One year limited


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