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90-Degree Dovetail Adapter Plate for 900/1200 for RA-mounted GTOCP4 (CBA912KIT)

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If you wish to mount the GTOCP4 between the forks and use the original Y-cable supplied with the mount, then you will need to use the 90-degree adapter plate so that the box can be rotated to fit. This adapter attaches to the back of the GTOCP4, which allows it to be fastened to the Quick Release Bracket on the RA axis.

900GTO: The adapter must be used at all latitudes.

1200GTO: This adapter is not necessary if you plan to use your 1200GTO mount above 37.5 degrees since the control box will clear the side plates at that latitude. However, if you think that you might travel to another observing location at a lower latitude in the future, we suggest that you purchase and use the adapter. Otherwise, you may be unable to attach the GTOCP4 once you get there.

Mounts used with this adapter: 900GTO, 1200GTO

Includes:Two 10-32 x 3/8" button head cap screws


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