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900 Hi-Lo Latitude Wedge (900WDG) and Wedge Assembly (900WDGA) for 0-20 or 68-88 Latitude

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If your latitude is below 20 or above 68 degrees, one of these wedges will allow you to place your 900 mount in the proper position for polar alignment. You will use the wedge in place of the Standard Pier Adapter (900SPA) or Precision-Adjust Rotating Pier Adapter (900RPA) shown above. The 900 Wedge Assembly (900WDGA) comes complete with the azimuth adjuster block, the center pivot screw and the four locking knobs with their hardened washers. Those of you who already have a Standard Pier Adapter can order the 900 Wedge by itself (900WDG). Just transfer the azimuth adjuster block, the center pivot screw and the four locking knobs supplied with your original adapter to this wedge and bolt it onto your pier. Both of the wedge pier adapter configurations include six 5/16-18 x 5/8 socket button head screws and six 5/16 x 9/16"OD x 0.060" flat washers, which enable you to attach the pier adapter to your Astro-Physics pier.

Please note that this adapter must fit inside another part and be bolted from the side. It cannot be bolted directly onto a flat surface. For custom installations onto a flat surface, insert the 900WDG into our our 900 Flat Surface Adapter (900FSA), which has been bolted to the flat surface of your pier.

The 900 Hi-Lo Latitude Wedge can be set up for either tropical (0-20 deg.) or polar (68-88 deg.) latitudes. Simply remove the 6 screws that attach the flat plate, rotate the plate so the Azimuth Adjuster Block will either be on the low side (tropical 0-20 deg.) or on the high side (polar 68-88 deg.) and re-assemble.

The 900 Hi-Lo Latitude Wedge can also be used with the 900 Precision Adjust Rotating Pier Adapter (900RPA) to make polar alignment easier for mounts used in the field. The Wedge has been drilled and tapped to accept the 900 Flat Surface Adapter (900FSA). Attach the Flat Surface Adapter to the top of the Wedge with four 1/4 - 20 x 3/4" socket head cap screws (not included). If you have the 900 Wedge Assembly, just remove the four Locking Knobs and the Azimuth Adjuster Block and leave the center pivot screw in place so it won't get lost! Then install the Precision Adjust Rotating Pier Adapter into the Flat Surface Adapter. Note: The photo is of an earlier version and does not show the holes that accept the flat surface adapter.

Mounts: All 900 mount models (HDA, QMD, SMD and GTO) that have been produced.

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