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Accessory Tray for 8" Diameter Piers (TRAY08)

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These handy trays will keep accessories close at hand during your observing sessions. The trays' raised sides will keep small round objects from falling off and getting lost in the dark grass. In addition to serving as a storage shelf, the top tray will protect items in the bottom tray from dew. Each tray spans 1/3 of your 8" pier, so you can construct a complete circular tray around the pier post with just three trays and three support bars. For the ultimate system, we suggest six trays and three support bars, two complete levels around the post. For added versatility, you can mix these solid trays with the Eyepiece Accessory Trays (TRAY08H) shown below.

Although you can use this tray for the 6" pier, it will not fit flush against the post. This does not affect its function, but you are limited to one support bar and two trays when using either 8" tray with the 6" pier (one above the other). Previously, this was the only Accessory Tray available for the 6" pier. We will have both a 6" Accessory Tray (TRAY06) and a 6" Eyepiece Accessory Tray (TRAY06H) available in early 2007.

These trays cannot be used with 24" Astro-Physics piers or with older 42" piers (there is not enough clearance with the support struts). In order to use these trays with 42" piers, there must be 3 holes around the circumference about 8.5" from the top of the pier post. The support bars will be mounted in these holes. If you have an older 42" pier, you may need to modify your post.

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