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ACIS 7.1

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The ACIS 7.1 is our fastest camera yet with full frame speeds of up to 28 fps. Designed not only to exceed the high demands required for scientific imaging, the ACIS 7.1 also performs expertly in astronomical imaging. Manufactured at our ISO 9001 certified European premises to the very highest standards, the ACIS 7.1 is designed to provide reliable and excellent service for many years.

The Sony IMX 428 CMOS sensor at the heart of the ACIS 7.1 rivals some CCD sensors for sensitivity, whilst the 4.5µm pixel size ensures that this is a versatile camera suitable for use with a range of telescopes.

An innovative design based upon the Sony IMX 428 sensor, the ACIS 7.1 houses the 7.1MP sensor in a dried, air-tight environment which is sealed to industrial standards to enable condensation free imaging. The camera has low read noise and can image at the rapid speeds at both 12 and 16-bit formats. With the signature Atik blend of form and function, the ACIS 7.1 provides a sensitive, high megapixel sensor at a competitive price point.

The ACIS 7.1 also possesses a new case design that has allowed the camera to achieve a cooling delta of -35°C below ambient, this keeps thermal noise under control, irrespective of where you are imaging from.

A Variety of Modes

The Atik ACIS 7.1 offers three different power modes:

    • PowerSave Mode - Allows for the highest quality images to be taken

    • Normal Mode - The camera operates at its default setting to allow for normal imaging

    • Fast Mode - Takes advantage of the on-board DDR memory to return a constant stream of images. Fast mode increases the frame rate of ACIS 7.1 to 30FPS. This can increase to 175FPS through the use of sub framing, and reaching 300 FPS when used with Dusk.

An Ideal OEM Solution

The ACIS 7.1 has been built from the foundation of the Atik design philosophy to provide the flexibility that is demanded by our worldwide OEM customer base and provide the ideal solution for OEM's in need of low light imaging. Recommended applications include:

    • Gel Documentation

    • Chemiluminescence

    • Electroluminescence

    • Fluorescence Microscopy

Atik's Signature Software

The ACIS 7.1 is natively compatible with our Infinity live stacking software to provide astrophotographers with incredible views of the night sky in a near real-time environment. Our on-the-fly image processing gets you up and running quickly, minimising the learning curve many people experience. However, our advanced functions ensure you are always in control as you steer your way through the night sky


    • Live continuous stacking

    • Flexible histogram control, including auto-stretch functions

    • Live YouTube broadcast integration

    • Interactive session replay

    • Focus assist and monitoring tools

    • Save to FITs, PNG, JPG and TIFF formats

The ACIS 7.1 is also fully compatible with our renowned Artemis Capture and Dusk imaging software that gives you full control over your imaging. We also supply a full ASCOM driver so you're free to use it with your preferred astro imaging software. When used with Dusk, the ACIS 7.1 can not only be used as a cooled deep sky imaging camera but can also be used for high speed planetary imaging with frame rates reaching 300 frames per second using the ROI function.

Amp Glow

From the outset, the ACIS 7.1 has benefited from a built-in 256mb DDR3 image buffer to help remove amp glow and other artifacts caused by data transfer over USB2, all while preventing issues with dropped frames. This makes for a seamless and fast imaging experience, whether you're taking advantage of the flexibility and low cable weight of USB2, or the fast speeds of USB3.

Our experience of working with demanding scientific applications has given us an advanced understanding of sealing techniques. This understanding allows us to create a condensation free environment, and means your desiccant lasts much longer between recharges. We're using the same quartz fused cover glass as our Atik 4 series cameras to prevent condensation forming on the outside of the glass when the camera's cooled. This added level of performance and reliability means you can spend less time maintaining your equipment, and more time imaging with it.


  • Image sensor: Sony IMX428 CMOS
  • Resolution: 3208 x 2200
  • Pixel size: 4.5 µm x 4.5 µm
  • ADC: 12bit
  • Readout noise (Typ.):3e- at low gain
  • Cooling delta: -35°C
  • Regulated cooler: Yes
  • Water assist: No
  • Max. exposure: Unlimited
  • Min. exposure length: 0.001s
  • Frame rate: Full frame = 30 fps Sub frame = 175 fps
  • Gain factor: Variable
  • Full well capacity: ~20,000e-
  • Dark current: 0.03e/p/s
  • PC interface: USB3.0 full speed
  • Power requirements: 12VDC, 2A
  • Backfocus distance: 12.5mm ±0.5
  • Thread on front: M42 x 0,75
  • Weight: approx 530g
  • Mono or colour: Either

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