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Adapter for CCD Field Flatteners and Telecompressor Correctors (ADATCC3)

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Designed to be used with: Dedicated CCD Field Flatteners (175FF, 160FF and 13035FF) and Telecompressor Correctors (175TCC, 160TCC, 155TCC and QuadTCC).

No sooner than Astro-Physics had finished production of the first ADATCC1 adapters, SBIG came out with a new 8-position filter wheel for the STL series cameras. This filter wheel, the SBIG FW8-STL, was not only bigger around, it was thicker, so we went back to the drawing board and designed a shorter version so that the critical spacing between optics and CCD chip could be maintained. This version, the ADATCC3 has the same robust machined construction and rich, black anodizing of the ADATCC1. Use this adapter ONLY if you have an STL camera with the 8-position filter wheel.

This adapter has a net spacing distance of 1.36" (34.5 mm).

Parts included:
Four 6-32x1/2" socket head cap screws for attachment to the STL series camera .

Refer to the following diagrams for additional information regarding spacing:
175 & 160 CCD Field Flattener Spacing Requirements
0.76x CCD Telecompressor Corrector Spacing Requirements

Note: This adapter is similar to adapters being made for use with all of our other 2.7" and 4" Prime focus Field Flatteners and to use with the 2.7" to 6x7 Outer Bayonet Adapter (ADA2767). These adapters are NOT interchangeable.

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