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Adapter to Attach Losmandy Mount to Astro-Physics Tripod, Portable Pier or 6" Eagle Adjustable Folding Pier (LM2APT)

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This adapter allows those of you with Losmandy G11 mounts to use them with the Astro-Physics 6" Eagle Adjustable Folding Pier (EAGLE6) as well as with our 6" Portable Pier (6X??PP) and Berlebach Planet Tripod (AWTBER2)or your own custom pier with our Tripod Adapter (ADATRI). The adapter is beautifully machined and anodized black. (The photo at right shows an non-anodized adapter for clarity!)

The Losmandy Mount to Astro-Physics Tripod Adapter attaches to the A-P pier or tripod with the three supplied knobs (shown). Your G11 can then be attached with either the Losmandy Tripod Knob Set (LTKS) (sold separately) or with 3/8-16 fasteners of your own preference. If you wish, just use bolts as shown at right to permanently attach the mount to the adapter, and then use the convenient, supplied A-P knobs for set-up and tear-down. You may wish to upgrade with our elegant 1/4-20 Machined Knob Kit (M1485KBKIT).

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