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ADATRI Tripod / Flat Surface Adapter (ADATRI)

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This adapter is necessary to attach an Astro-Physics 400 or 600E mount to a tripod or pier. This will also be the Flat Surface Adapter for the new mount currently under development.

The Baader Adjustable Wooden Tripod (AWT000) and the Lightweight Aluminum Tripod (SDS400) come with this adapter when ordered from us, but if you purchased your tripod elswhere, or have built your own tripod or pier, you will probably need this adapter. You can also use a customized 8" ATS Pier with a flat plate on top to which this adapter is mounted. Please also note that the Astro-Physics 6" Portable Piers do not need this adapter.

Click on HERE to see a PDF showing the dimensions of the adapter for those of you building your own pier.

The Tripod Adapter is made of black anodized aluminum and is precision machined to help guarantee a rock solid platform for your observing and imaging needs. The Tripod adapter bolts onto the top plate of the tripod or the top of your home-made pier through the adapter's 3 bottom bolt-through holes. Your mount sits down inside the adapter and is fastened to it by means of the 3 side bolt-through holes using the 3 knobs that came with the mount.

ADATRI - Tripod Adapter will work with all 400 and 600E mounts.

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