ASI533MM Pro
ASI533MM Pro


ASI533MM Pro

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One inch square frame:

The IMX533 is a 1 inch square frame CMOS image sensor with approximately 8M effective pixels at a pixel size of 3.76μm. The 14 bit digital output of IMX533 makes it possible to read out signals of 9m effective pixels at a high-speed of 20 frames per second with read noise as low as 1.0e, the performance of which is on par with those of SCMOS or EMCCD sensors. This sensor is suitable for image needs that require high definition and low noise.



Zero Amp Glow:

Traditional CMOS sensors can generate weak infrared light, which is equivalent to a light source during exposures. The ASI533MM Pro uses no-glow circuitry to ensure best quality images regardless of gain or exposure length.

2 Stage TEC Cooling:

The 2-stage thermoelectric cooler can cool the CMOS sensor 35 degrees below the ambient temperature (based on 30 degree ambient temperature test results), greatly reducing dark current and thereby improving the signal-to-noise ratio even with a long exposure of hundreds of seconds.

Note: The lower the ambient temperature is, the smaller the Delta T is.


USB 3.0 & 256M DDR3 memory:

ASI533MM Pro is equipped with a USB 3.0 transmission interface. In 14 bit ADC mode, the output frame rate can reach 20 frames per second.

In addition, the 256M DDR3 memory ensures a more stable data transmission during long exposures without frame loss, and can also relax the hardware requirements of the computer used for data capture.


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