C82 Pier for Concrete Base


C82 Pier for Concrete Base

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The Prima Luce C82 pier is made of steel and it has a high rigidity and load capacity, thanks to the central tube 5 mm thick. Together with the adapter to connect the mount, it has a height of 82cm from the ground. If you want to install a mount not listed, please contact Cloud Break Optics at info@cloudbreakoptics.com or (206) 327-9826.



  • Stable and safe, perfect for fixed installation of telescopes
  • Thick central tube for high rigidity
  • Base with pairs of 120° holes for perfect horizontal leveling
  • Adapter for EQ6, AZ-EQ6 or CGEM equatorial mounts
  • -OR-
  •  Adapter for EQ5 / HEQ5 / AZ-EQ5 equatorial mounts
  • White painting for a long life


The pier base is circular and it has a diameter of 35 cm. Here there are three pairs of holes set at 120°. Each pair consists of a through hole in which you can insert the retaining screw to the concrete base and an M16 threaded hole in which to put a thrust screw to adjust, during the installation of the pier, the perfect vertical position of the pier itself.

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