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CCD Telecompressor (CCDT67)

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CCD Telecompressor (CCDT67)

Originally developed to tame the focal length of our 10" f/14.6 Mak-Cass, this telecompressor is optimized for scopes ranging from f/9 to f/18 focal ratio. The 2-element cemented design transmits close to 99% of the incoming light over the range of 420 to 700 nm. The focal length of the telecompressor optics is 12".  For refractors, the field is compressed by 0.67x.  If you have a moving mirror system, the native focal ratio will increase.  

This optic is not recommended for telescopes with f/ratios below about f/8-9. For faster instruments, we recommend the Photographic-Visual Telecompressor (27TVPH).

The CCDT67 design allows full corner-to-corner illumination up to an 8300 or APS-C size chip with most catadioptric telescopes.  This design does not add coma to the wavefront, and thus, can be used with all flat-field and coma-free telescopes such as Maksutov-Cassegrains, Schmidt-Cassegrains, Ritchey-Chretiens and refractors.  The inherent resolution of the telescope is not compromised when using this compressor.

Please review the exploded diagram to see how this item will fit into your imaging system. If you want a higher compression ratio, you can add one or more of the  2" Barrel Extension w/ 48 mm Threads (A3703) between the CCDT67 and the nosepiece of your camera. This has the advantage of inserting the CCDT67 forward in the light cone so that in-travel requirements are reduced.  Please note that as you increase compression, you decrease the size of the image circle at the focus point. At 0.67x, the CCDT67 will have a 29 mm image circle.  It will not cover a full-frame size chip. 

  • Clear aperture is 1.75", designed to screw onto our 2" Tapered Nosepiece (AP16T) or any other 2" nosepiece with 48 mm threads that is designed for CCD cameras. 
  • Optimized for 0.67x compression with a fully illuminated circle of 29 mm when the back spacing distance is 85 mm from the rear flange to the camera sensor is used
  • Expect a 0.75x compression with a fully illuminated circle of 34 mm when the back spacing distance is 50 mm from the rear flange to the camera sensor
  • Approximately 5 inches of focuser in-travel is needed to achieve focus on the CCD chip. 
  • The focal length of the CDD Telecompressor is 12" (305 mm)
  • Insertion depth is 1.45" (36.8 mm).

To calculate the compression factor and coverage for your particular setup, please refer to Astro-Physics' Telecompressor Spacing, Compression Calculation and Coverage document or to the CCDT67 & 27TVPH Telecompression Graph

AP highly recommends their 2" Tapered Nosepiece (AP16T) for your CCD camera. When used with the brass locking ring of most of our adapters, this unique barrel will seat your valuable CCD camera squarely and solidly into place. Even a single thumbscrew interface will be improved. Note: If you are using the older style thin 2" adapter (part # ADA2013), we suggest that you use the 2" nosepiece that came with your camera or the 2" nosepiece from Baader Planetarium (we offer as part #BP16). The current style 2" Thin Adapter (ADA20132) works perfectly with the AP16T.


Images Taken with the CCDT67

Barnard 86
Peter Ward 
AP 155 StarFire EDF

Roland Christen 
AP 10"f/14.6 Maksutov-Cassegrain at f/9.7
Helix Nebula
Gerald Miller 
RCOS 12.5" Ritchey-Chretien
NGC 7582, 7590
and 7599

Daniel Verschatse
RCOS 14.5" Ritchey-Chretien with CCDT67 working at f/6.56


Keyhole Nebula
Peter Ridgway
Celestron C14 EdgeHD
with CCDT67



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