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Control Cables

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8-wire Control Cables for the TCF-S and IFW

The purpose of the Optec Control Cable is to pass stepper motor control signals from an external controller to the stepper motor of the TCF-S focuser, IFW filter wheel or (now discontinued) MAXfilter filter slider.  Additionally, temperature and position information will be returned along three of the lines. 

The control cable is comprised of an eight wire (four twisted pair) cable with a RJ-45 connector on one end and a 9-pin sub-D connector on the other. The RJ-45 connector is inserted into a mating jack in the TCF-S or IFW control box. The sub-D connector is connected to the mating DB-9 connector on the TCF-S motor housing or IFW filter wheel. Various standard lengths are available from stock. Custom lengths up to 100 feet are also available on special order.

TCF-S and IFW Control Cables:

Control Cables - RJ-45 plug to DB-9 connector

#17470 - 6-ft. Control Cable - List Price: $30
#17471 - 12-ft. Control Cable - List Price: $40
#17472 - 25-ft. Control Cable - List Price: $50
#17473 - 50-ft. Control Cable - List Price: $60

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