CR-1.5x Extender for CCA-250 and Mewlon 250CRS/300CRS Telescopes (TKA82595)


CR-1.5x Extender for CCA-250 and Mewlon 250CRS/300CRS Telescopes (TKA82595)

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The Takahashi Extender-CR 1.5X is designed specifically for the CCA and Corrected Mewlon series of telescopes. It increase the focal length of these instruments without degrading the optical performance, maintaining pin point stars across the field.  


Telescope with Adapter

CR-1.5X EX with Mewlon-250CRS CR-1.5X EX with Mewlon-300CRS CR-1.5X EX with CCA-250 

Adapter Part Number

TKA82595 TKA82595 TKA82595


250mm 300mm 250mm


0.46" 0.4" 0.46"

Limiting Magnitude

13.8 14.2 13.8

Light Gathering Power

1276X 1872X 1276X

Focal Length

3780mm 4475mm 1880mm

Focal Ratio

f/15.1 f/14.9 f/7.5

Image Circle Diameter

 44mm 44mm 40mm

Optical Type

Dall-Kirkham Dall-Kirkham Modified Cassegrain

Tube Diameter

280mm 324mm 306mm

Tube Length (With Lens hood retracted)


1045mm 870mm

Tube Weight

12.0kg 27.0kg 22.8kg

Recommended Finder

7x50 7x50 7x50

Metal Back Distance

117.5 mm 117.5mm 117.5mm

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