CW-1 Counterweight System
CW-1 Counterweight System


CW-1 Counterweight System

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This counterweight system is used to quickly adjust balance on smaller telescopes when eyepieces of different weights used. It eliminates the need to rebalance the telescope. 

The stainless steel counterweight itself is one pound and 13 ounces in weight. The counterweight shaft is 16 mm in diameter and nine inches long. The mounting base is made of 6061-T6 aluminum and has a stainless steel insert. Mounting the counterweight system on the telescope's rear mounting ring, facing toward the user, one can easily loosen the thumb screw and move the counterweight back and forth to compensate for lighter or heavier eyepieces. 

The base mounts to the top ring with a 1.5" hole spacing. This is the same hole spacing as on all Stellarvue rings. Included in the system are two 5/8" length stainless steel, socket cap head screws. Make sure your rings have two threaded holes on top that 1 1/2" apart and have a 1/4-20 thread. If your rings are imported and use 6mm screws, call us and we can substitute metric for the standard SAE screws supplied. 

Warning: Imported rings may not have blind threaded holes. If this is the case, if you use screws that are too long they may pass through the mounting rings and mark up your tube. Measure before using. 


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