Dobsonian Covers for vertical to 60 degree down park position


Dobsonian Covers for vertical to 60 degree down park position

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These covers are capable of fitting several other scope sizes. Check your set-up dimensions and reference the stated cover measurements to determine if a cover will fit systems other than those listed.

The Standard TeleGizmos Solar Scope Covers, when used outside, are intended for temporary exposure periods. For long term continuous 365 outside exposure protection, see the Series 365 Covers.


6" & 8" f5 Tube Dobs                          TG1D                 $63.00            

62" circumference, 53" height

10" & 12" Tube Dob                            TG2D                 $66.00

90" circumference, 69" height

12" & 14" Truss Dob                            TG3D                 $71.00

94" circumference, 78" height

16" & 18" Truss Dob                             TG4D                 $73.00

115" circumference, 90" height

Meade 16" LightBridge                       TGLB-16V           $70.00


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