EFW-Nikon-Ⅱ Adapter


EFW-Nikon-Ⅱ Adapter

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The ZWO new EFW-Nikon-Ⅱ adapter with 20mm thickness design is independently developed by ZWO. It’s suitable for connecting Nikon lens and ZWO 1.25”/31mm/36mm filter wheel.

The thread of the interface is M42*0.75 so it cannot be connected to 2” EFW.

It can only match with ASI cooled cameras with 6.5mm back focus length.

ZWO New EFW-Nikon-Ⅱ Adapter

Connection method:

You can use this adapter with the following ASI cooled cameras:


ZWO New EFW-Nikon-Ⅱ Adapter-Connection Method

What’s in the box?

ZWO New EFW-Nikon-Ⅱ Adapter-Package List

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